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For completions, operators using fresh water, recycled produced water or a blend require the source water to be free of bacteria, metals and solids. Our system will safely kill sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB’s), remove biofilm and directly oxidize H2S to elemental sulfur for safe handling and disposal without using any chemicals! 

Microbial control is achieved efficiently with AguaPro D in fresh water and highly impaired water. AguaPro D has an antimicrobial performance superior to chlorine bleach and peracetic acid in contaminated oilfield water and is economically competitive with chlorine dioxide at similar treatment dosages and ORP levels.

The Disinfectant is generated through a saline electrolysis, an electrochemical process generated from a reaction inside the electrolytic cell between a solution of brine (common salt) and a direct current. When generating a discharge inside the cell, the ions of the salt and the water molecules are separated and rearranged to generate the electrolytic disinfectant product. The brine flows through the cell and is transformed into oxidant disinfectants. It then falls into the “Final Product Tank” and is subsequently injected into the stream, accomplishing Disinfection.

Current solutions available to address the microbial contaminants in water are either low performing, shelf stable oxidants or hazardous, corrosive gases. AguaPro D’s unique chemistry fills the enormous gap between those two groups, outperforming all other liquid oxidants (ex. peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc.) without the downsides associated with gaseous oxidants like chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone.

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