To capitalize on the significant demand for wastewater transport, Agua Recycling Solutions (ARS) has formed Agua Recycling Logistics (ARL) – a trucking company focused on hauling wastewater to and from ARS’s saltwater recycling facilities in addition to other commercial saltwater disposal facilities.

ARL provides fluid and water transfer solutions to hydraulic fracturing operations via 8”, 10” and 12” lay-flat hose. Our experienced team leaders design a plan to most efficiently position the hose, manifolds, pumps and road crossings so our customers needs are met with no environmental impact. Our environmentally safe, lay-flat hose meets the highest industry standards to ensure no-leak connections. Agua Recycling offers many benefits to our clients by using our Jay-flat hose, which include:

  • Improved Health Safety and Environment exposure
  • Fast installation
  • Highest operational efficiencies
  • Efficiencies for flowback, produced and recycled water
  • Low marketplace costs
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